Produzione 2010

  • The Story of the Cervi Brothers
    History(1x52'). Rai Educational
    Gelindo, Antenore, Agostino, Aldo, Ferdinando, Ettore e Ovidio. These are the seven Cervi brothers, shot in Reggio Emilia on December 28, 1943 for being partisans.
    Their story is one of the darkest chapters in the history of the German occupation of Italy.
    It is a story of heroism and resistance, but it is above all the story of a father and his sons.
    25 Aprile 2011 Premio Cà di Malanca per i protagonisti della cultura e della musica assegnato al regista Fabrizio Marini e al musicista Luca Giovanardi (Julie's Haircut) per il documentario "Una fosse di nebbia appena fonda".
  • Sandokan, Camorra sotires (Acquisition of rights in progress. Service)
    Docu-movie(1x55'32'') by Sergio Spina and Mara Consoli(based on the novel by Nanni Balestrini). Rai 1
    A journey in the Camorra places: Casal del Principe, Caserta, Naples with docu-fiction reconstructions and interviews to chiefs of police, former mayors, union representative.
    A testimony and analysis of the organized crime in the Campania region. Library footage, journalistic investigations, interviews to witnesses. A story of alliances and clans, from the defeat of the old Camorra bosses to coming into power of the Casalesi clan.
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